“Among the highlights of the production is the score and the vocal talent on display, with Pires Jr., Turner, and Crosley especially impressive.” – Nancy Grossman of Broadway World

Sean Mitchell Crosley should also be commended as older brother Miles Tuck.” – Kobi Kassal of Theatre Talk Boston

“Sean Mitchell Crosley’s Fonzie is as charming as – and as cool as – he should be. He brings energy, panache and a killer voice to the role.” – Jeann McCartin of Seacoast Online

“Sean Mitchell Crosley, an accomplished leading man from the Boston area, plays the Fonz, showing a versatile singing touch that can be both bold and sensuous.” – Harrison Thorp of The Rochester Voice

“Crosley, the best dancer of the group, is a charismatic presence — he needs to be, to compete with his blingy ball cap.” – Kilian Melloy of EDGEMEDIANETWORK

“Crosley steals the spotlight in Body, Mind & Soul.” – Nancy Grossman of Broadway World

“Moulton, Crosley and Bagley are perfectly suited to their characters in acting and voice style. Moulton and Crosley have the lion’s share of songs, which proves a real treat. Both have beautiful voices.”  – Jeanné McCartin of Seacoast Online

“Sean Crosley delivers impressive vocal range and musicality as Clyde Barrow.”  – Brian Balduzzi of Arts Impulse